Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Forest Path Shawl is done!


I finished the Forest Path Shawl from an old Interweave. Blocked and ready to go. It is for Annie. I also just finished a fichu from Victorian Shawls today but it isn't blocked. I am now working on a shawl for myself. Wedding stuff coming up and I want to get all these done. I am also partly done with Forest Darkness which is my beautiful Bohus (my favorite sweaters in the world). I am on a lace kick right now though. I love working on lace.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Celtic is done!


This is Celtic from Rowan Magazine 41. It wasn't an easy knit and I am glad that it is over. There was errata that Rowan didn't post but I found it on someone elses blog. Here it is in case you decide to do this sweater.

Rowan said:

"Unfortunately there is a print error on the key for this pattern and the upside down black triangle should be inc 2 purlwise. The dec 7 uses 7 sts but actually dec's 6 sts"

So, if you decide to do this sweater keep this in mind.

I am now working on the Bohus sweater Forest Darkness.