Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Mom Knits

Mom is here visiting for Annie's graduation. She brought the sweater that she finished. I gave her Mission Falls Wool and Jean Frost's jacket book. Like daughter like mother eh?

Speaking of daughters, Annie's graduation went great. I am holding off with pictures because A) surprise picture got lost and I want Annie to send me another one and B) I want to make sure that Annie won't kill me if I put up pictures of her in graduation garb on my blog.

So all in all everything went well and I am pooped.

I promise that I will be back to my hysterical perky self within the next few days.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Oh boy...

Well, things are looking up. Seems that my sweater (Broadway) is coming along ok. It shouldn't have made me sweat though. It isn't a hard pattern. As for my other sweater I am going to have to rip it out. "Mr Yarn" took one look and said "Uh, yeah, those aren't X's and O's" Thanks honey.

On the other front. We did a Costco forge last night. Whooo Weeee. That was worse than having to stand in line at the DMV. I can be assured that the guest won't starve. I think that I grabbed everything in sight like it was a free shopping spree. There was no need to sneak anything into the cart because it was so full that you couldn't tell the difference. Getting it into one of the three freezers and two refridgs wasn't easy. Here is a peak at refridg two.


Just a small glimpse. Ok so today is the day that I said I would do everything beforehand. Tomorrow is actual graduation of the kiddo. Wish me luck. If all of you, my "IRs" (Imaginary Readers) don't hear from me for a few days it is only because I am buried in guacamole.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

REWARD: Lost Knitting Mojo

I don't know what is happening to me. I have lost my knitting ability. Check out the rib to the above sweater. It is called X's and O's. Now check out the ribbing on MY sweater that I have blindly been working on (ok, I haven't been home and I haven't worked on it very much but still).


I am working on Rowan "Broadway" at work. I have ripped it out about 12 times. I am scared. Sure I have no problems helping others but when I go to knit on my own things something is wrong. I would go to church and pray for my Mojo back, but I am Jewish. You can't pray for Mojo (I don't think....well, I only know the blessing over the wine and bread anyhow).

So, if anyone finds it can you please let me know. Otherwise I may be taking up macrame.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I bought this recycled cashmere online a while back. I am in no way dissing the seller of this yarn. It is me that I think is an idiot. First off lets start by saying that colors that you see on a computer screen are not true to life. I won't go into the mechanics of why but just believe me. So, what made me think that if I bought the color I saw on my screen that it would be THAT color. As a matter of fact, you aren't seeing the color that this yarn really is. Take my word for it that it is ugly. Ok, now that isn't my only issue. I bought this recycled cashmere because I thought in this life I would actually do something with this yarn. No, I won't. I lied to myself and to "Mr. Yarn" (ok, it wasn't exactly a lie, more of a denial thing).

The worse part of it is that I didn't even really read her description because IF I did I would have known that the yarn that *I* choose to buy was not even recycled from a sweater from Europe or from a fancy store. MY yarn when it arrived came with the original label.


Folks....Costco. For my imaginary friends that don't have Costco's in their area just assume that this isn't a good thing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Here is the start of "Marilyn". It is pretty fun to knit. Knitting with the Black Water Abbey yarn (one of my personal favorites) is harsh on the hands if you are doing lots of tricky cables on it. Oh well.

Aside from this I am really into "Party" mode. This is the point before 50 people come over that the list comes out. I even have poor "Mr Yarn" making lists. You would think that we were getting ready for take off of a space shuttle. "Thursday, 11:01: Take turkey out of the freezer". "Friday 6:02: Make BBQ Sauce". You know, I also have this irrational fear of there not being enough food for all my guest. So, what are we making? We are making a Brisket, Sumac Chicken breast, A deep fried Turkey, Hamburgers for the purist, and Grilled Portobello's for our Vegetarian friends. This isn't including the 100 salads that I am thinking of making. I really don't think that you all know the depth of my neurosis. Well, maybe you do. Afterall, I have a blog and I am talking to 3 of my real friends and 100 imaginary ones. Oy.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The story of my life

I scored. Brigid went to New Mexico and went to LaLana Wool. Saturday as I innocently was working in the shop I got a phone call from Brigid in New Mexico. "Hey, guess where *I* am standing". Uh huh. She told me that she bought me a gift and did I want anything else from there. Did *I* want ANYTHING from LaLana? You bet your ass I did. I had her buy me the stuff they used in "Scarf Style" to make the big entrelac (and I don't love entrelac) shawl. I couldn't afford the whole thing, but I bought enough for a mini one. It is beautiful. The color doesn't show in the picture. My surprise was even better. She got me the locks from the sheep to weave into parts of a scarf or even a sweater. I am sick. Now I am buying yarn from far off places by phone unseen.

The bad news...(for me that is)
I got to the last 20 rows of Hebrides and ran out of the purple. I was given 2 skeins of green too much and not enough purple. Now I have to wait to finish it. So I started "Marilyn" which is made out of Blackwater Abbey. I can live with that.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


I have no visual aids today. I overslept. I am here at the shop and I don't have a camera with me. To tell ya the truth, I didn't have anything to take a picture of anyway. I could have taken a picture of the backyard before the lawn was mowed, but "Mr. Yarn" is going to mow it (or machete it) today and I didn't want to embarass him. It is the countdown to Annie's graduation. This means that "Mr. Yarn" is mowing and cleaning up the backyard (including pooper scooping, and have you seen the size of Lily?). It will all be beautiful (or the best we could do) by next weekend. 50 people coming....x's and Annie's friends. Wish me luck.

Friday, May 20, 2005

I am in over my head


I want to start off by saying that this is NOT my stash. I don't know what to call it or what to do with it, but it isn't my stash. It is yarn that is too good to throw away but it isn't worthy of going in my stash. Now what? I know I know you are saying "donate it". No. I don't want to. I am still too attached to it. It used to look so cute in those little baskets (that you can't see anymore) but it grew. Not only did it grow but it grew a LOT.

Now here is the REAL reason that I am stressing about it. It is Annie's college graduation (shutup I had her when I was 10) and x-Mr Yarn will be here at MY house. So will x-Mr Yarn's family. Not only the x-family will be here but all of Annie's friends will be here as well. They can't know about my "problem". Argh. I have to hide the stash. It can't mingle with the good stuff. Ew, there is even "Fun Fur" in there. I am thinking that maybe I will put it downstairs in a trashbag in a corner. That might hurt it's feelings though. I dunno. I could bring it to the shop in a trashbag but I don't want it near my yarn at the shop.

What am I gonna do?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Yes, I started another project . . . shut up!

I started another sweater to work on at the shop. The one I started before this (that I had the good sense NOT to show) was just too much to do and to help others. I mean it isn't very nice to tell your customers "uh, can you WAIT, I am counting"! Lace just isn't for multitasking. So! I started "Broadway" in Rowan Cashsoft DK. The pattern is in ClassicCafe book 1. So far it is an enjoyable knit. Then again, you will probably see me sheepishly trying to get out of knitting it in about one week.

Talking about getting out of things, I am getting out of doing the man's sweater that I posted here in one of my first posts. It was made out of Polar. Rown is discontinuing Polar so I don't want the damn sweater as a model anyhow. What a perfect excuse to not have to finish the sweater that I had no one to give it to and it was too big for everyone including the male mannequin. Speaking of mannequin, she is doing fine.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005



When Evan was in kindergarten he made me a necklace. The picture above isn't the necklace that Evan made, although I am sure his looked just like this. This is what it said on the other side.


It says "Jack". I noticed that I have had this necklace for 15 years. In my old house it hung in my bedroom. In this house it is hanging off a lightswitch in an extra bedroom. The thing that is weird about this is A) My son's name is not Jack it is Evan and B) I have kept this all these years. Evan told me that Jacks mom had died and the necklace needed a mom to keep it. Evan was a liar. Evan just didn't bring the right necklace home. The Evan necklace never made it home. Then again, maybe Evan wasn't lying. THAT is why I have kept this all these years. For one it reminds me of Evan, and secondly who knows, maybe Jack needed a mom to keep it.

So I am sentimental but as I look around the house I notice that I may be over the edge with it. Exhibit B


Above is a Eddie Haskel fan club t-shirt that a group of guy friends gave me when I was 16. They told me that I was the only chick that had one. I never understood that. I would assume that normal guys wouldn't want to walk around wearing Eddie Haskel on their chest. They weren't normal though. I still have this shirt. It is smashed in a drawer but I have kept it since I was 16. We won't drag out all the t-shirts that I have kept but lets leave it to say that I have a Mephistophales tee that my brother gave me when I was 13.

Exhibit C:


Daughters t-shirt from high school. She was the class of 2000.

Exhibit D


Sons t-shirt from friggin pre-school

Exhibit E


This may be the oddest and yet it means everthing to me. It is my grandmothers housecoat that I keep in my closet. My grandmother died over 20 years ago. I still want it near me.

What I have noticed through all of this is that what I keep for the most part is textiles. They bring back memories and I feel like they have a life of their own. Now, I can't decide what is worse, my yarn problem or the crap I am accumulating in the name of nostalgia.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Does this shawl make my butt look big?

I can NOT believe it. I went into "THE cedar chest" (said in a scary voice) and I saw this shawl sitting there. I have no idea, I mean NO idea where it came from. I believe that the 80's clothes are spawning. I don't know how to stop them.

(double click for larger picture so that you can give me your opinion)

I pulled this out of "the CEDAR chest" (said in a scary voice) and I need my loving viewers (hi few friends I have) opinion. You will tell me the truth because you know that *I* would tell YOU the truth (shut up Lori, I don't tell everyone that I think there stuff is beautiful when it isn't. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder). Is this sweater ugly or should I make another one out of less outdated yarn. This yarn was an old 80's Missoni yarn of some sort. What do ya think?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Weird Ass people and my next project

Well, we went to Bay to Breakers yesterday. I can't put up pictures of lots of what we saw (you are lucky). There were really inventive costumes and props and then there were just really nasty old nude people. It sorta made you shake your head and go back to drinking your wine. I took pictures of some stuff that I can show. Here is a guy dressed like the pope in a pope mobile.


So that is my weird ass people stuff.

Now for the next project stuff. I am almost done with the Hebrides sweater so I am starting to think of my next "at home" project. I have decided on "Marilyn" by Beth Brown Reinsel.


I am making it out of Black Water Abbey's Yarn in the color "Butter"


So there ya have it. I went to Bay to Breakers and saw disgusting old naked people and the pope, and I am thinking of making this sweater "Marilyn" for my next project. Probably more than you wanted to know.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Raw Viking Chicken Hat Returns

Today the chicken hat is making its debut. Purl Gurl is running in the Bay to Breakers and will be wearing the hat with pride. We are going down there to watch the freaks...er...I mean people run in the race. We are also meeting friends down there who are throwing a party/picnic.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Elspeth is going back to where she belongs

We broke up. I can't stand Elspeth from Rowan 37 anymore. She is just wrong wrong wrong. I know that it might have been ME in the "Butterfly" situation, but this one isn't MY fault. The worst part is that the pattern isn't even off enough to make you KNOW that it is them and not you. It is one sorta stich off. I have ripped this out at least (and I know I embellish stuff but I am NOT doing that here) 15 times. So, Lori can just make fun of me for putting the damn green calmer back on the shelf.

I have a NEW friend. I am not going to talk about it because I don't want to jinx this relationship. I will show it to you after I get to a safe point in the pattern. I won't talk bad about Elspeth to my new friend. It is just that I was so disappointed in the situation. I did everything I could to save the relationship, but it just didn't work out.

It is so not MY fault.

Friday, May 13, 2005

I think I am too old for this

I have nothing to write about. No knitting last night because “Mr Yarn’s” grad school friends (more of em) were in from out of town visiting. I am tired. So, I will spew for a few minutes and then go away.

What is a “Secret Pal” and where do they come from? I know that they send each other cute stuff (usually involving chocolate or hello kitty stuff and Yarn). I know that it always makes for a blog entry after someone receives the “secret pal” bounty. I just can’t figure out where they are coming from and if everyone is randomly sending stuff to strangers. Then there is the “RAOK” (Random Acts of Kindness)that I REALLY can’t figure out. How Random can it be?. Just goes to show you that once again I am “out of the loop”. I am always one or two or even three steps behind the game. I am the “clueless” blogger. I ramble on and amuse myself.

Ok, back to knitting tomorrow. I will probably show you “Elspeth”. Recently dubbed “stupid-ass Elspeth”. The pattern is NOT working and I am faking it. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. First off I wouldn’t let my customers make it because they will freak out when it doesn’t work. Second off, I would never wear this. It is CUTE and *I* don’t do CUTE.

I will one way or another show you Elspeth tomorrow.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

She is such a drama hound

Um, as you can tell there is no knitting to show. I forgot it at work and couldn't take a picture. I invited Lily to help me fill the spot so that we weren't picture-less. I got attitude. After all I do for that dog. The next thing I know she will be forming "Bloggers Picture Model union" (BPM). It isn't as if I didn't give her 2 bones to bribe her (Mr. Yarn, if you read this that was a typo).

Anyhow, I am working on Elspeth (pictures tomorrow) and I found that the chart is off. It is easy enough to fiddle with and make come out, but after ripping it out 10 times I do believe that the chart may be off. Then again, take this with a grain of salt coming from me. *I* may be off. I am off. Lily told me that I was.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nature gone bad

My Xmas cactus bloomed. It is beautiful. It hasn't bloomed in 5 years (since I left Los Angeles). This was the first time it has bloomed since I have lived up North. So now that I have bored you with a picture of my Xmas cactus (uh, pretend you don't see weeds growing near it. There is a long story about a palm tree).


I feel that I should show something that is knitting related. It is NOT found in nature. It is another sweater that has been unearthed from "THE CEDAR CHEST" (said like in a scary movie).

(back of 80's sweater)

(front of 80's sweater)

This sweater could fit most of my hometown. Lets just say it has to do with bad body image. No, lets just say that one of us didn't follow the guage. No, that is impossible. Lets just say that the pattern sucked? Oh, forget it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Next project started

This is what I am working on now at the shop. It is called Elspeth. It is in Rowan magazine #37 and it is made out of Calmer. I am doing mine in lime green because I got sick of waiting for the pink to come in.

Other than that not much going on with the knitting other than I am still working away at Hebrides Sweater. Here it is in the works:


Monday, May 09, 2005

Julie? Don't hate me because I am talented...


Uh, something went wrong with this sock that I am making for Julie. I don't know how to tell her that I am losing my mind by working on these socks and I ripped them out three times already. I have no idea why it is going this way. I swear it wasn't the drinking on Mothers Day that did it. I think that I am allergic to the colors pastel blue and pink. I think that the tedium of it is toxic. It makes me break out in a rash and then I drop stitches. I could no longer take it. So Julie, if you are reading this, I am sorry. I promise that when you least expect it you will get another pair of socks in colors that *I* can tolerate. I swear.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day

I am a mom. I have to say that out of all the ways I define myself that being a mom is what I am proudest of. I am proud of my kids. There has never been a harder job than raising kids but I lucked out. Mine came out pretty near damn perfect. Did they scare me out of my mind at times? You bet. Did they drive me crazy at times? Sure they did. That was their job. I did my best and just hoped that it would be good enough.

me 008


I love you both more than I can ever say. Ok, stop groaning...I can hear you across state and across town.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Yarn Sneak

I amaze myself. I devised a way to get more yarn into the house without feeling guilty for it. My family and friends even HELP me without knowing it. They give me canvas bags from conventions. They buy me bags for my birthday. I will share this secret way of not having to finish projects and buying new ones without the guilt. See those bags in the above picture? I just bought the black and pink polka dot one. Cute, huh? Well, that innocent bag is just waiting for a project that I don't want to finish or new project that I feel guilty having. I don't even have to HIDE the attractive ones. I simply have them here and there and they look like accessories. Mr. Yarn hardly even notices. Although he did mention to me as I was taking the above picture "you have more than THAT in the basement". Ok, so he is a little bit onto it, but he is pissed off about me buying the bags so he doesn't notice the yarn so much.

You can all use this idea and thank me later.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Ya gotta have Faith

I finished "Faith". It is out of Rowan #18 (Thanks Gail!). I love it. It is made out of Rowan Cashsoft. I just need to block it. Now I HAVE to (er, I mean I am dying to get to) work on Julies socks. I used to love making socks until one summer I made 30 or 40 pair of them. I believe my next project to work on at the shop is going to be a shawl that has sleeves. So, here is a zen question for you:
If a shawl has sleeves is it still a shawl?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Name that obsession!

So somehow or other I got onto a boot obsession. I want to own every pair that I can. I already have these three lovely pair that Dr. Yarn (ok, Lori told me that I had to call Mr. Yarn Dr Yarn because the mister was disrespectful when it was a Dr.....whatever) has bought me. But leave me alone bored and I kind of have this ebay "problem". I don't consider it a problem but Dr. Yarn does. I actually have gotten really great stuff (ok, I don't count the antique clown posters).

So yesterdays win

Ostrich boots! It is like the rush a cat must feel when scoring that mouse.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


(click on image to enlarge mess)

Came home last night after a long day at the shop. I found lots of Mr Yarn's friends from grad school days eating and drinking. I did my share once I got into it. No time to knit last night. How do *I* feel this morning? You guess.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Slug fest is over

I worked on the Hebrides Pullover for 2 days. This is what I accomplished. Other than that I sat on my behind and did nothing. When you do nothing for 3 days there is very little to blog about. I guess it is back to the shop for me. Oh boy. The glamour of it all.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Moving on!

I finally got to start a new knitting project. Was I sick of "Aberlady"? I can not tell you HOW sick of knitting on this sweater I was. It took me 2 months to finish. 2 damn months on one sweater is torture for me. So here it is drying.


Here is another picture of it close up. I love how this sweater ended coming out. I am sure that I will wear it all the time. Well, maybe not since I hardly ever wear sweaters (ironic, no?).

(double click for larger photo with more detail)

Anyhow, I am still sitting on my butt today (day 3 or the slug marathon) and knitting. I have to go back to the shop tomorrow.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Woo Hoo...party party party


I am tired. Ya know, too much of a good thing. My friends Monte and Peter took me and Mr. Yarn to see "Beach Blanket Babylon". I can't believe that I have lived near San Francisco this long without seeing it. It was fantastic.

Ok, so I am avoiding speaking about knitting. "Aberlady" is done and I have to wash and block. I will show pictures after that. I am gonna sit on my butt again today and start a new project. I am also working on the socks for Julie.

Ok, this was a weak blog entry but there ya have what I have to say. Of course I couldn't just not put something up. I told you already that I am compulsive and have an over developed sense of "duty".