Monday, May 23, 2005

The story of my life

I scored. Brigid went to New Mexico and went to LaLana Wool. Saturday as I innocently was working in the shop I got a phone call from Brigid in New Mexico. "Hey, guess where *I* am standing". Uh huh. She told me that she bought me a gift and did I want anything else from there. Did *I* want ANYTHING from LaLana? You bet your ass I did. I had her buy me the stuff they used in "Scarf Style" to make the big entrelac (and I don't love entrelac) shawl. I couldn't afford the whole thing, but I bought enough for a mini one. It is beautiful. The color doesn't show in the picture. My surprise was even better. She got me the locks from the sheep to weave into parts of a scarf or even a sweater. I am sick. Now I am buying yarn from far off places by phone unseen.

The bad news...(for me that is)
I got to the last 20 rows of Hebrides and ran out of the purple. I was given 2 skeins of green too much and not enough purple. Now I have to wait to finish it. So I started "Marilyn" which is made out of Blackwater Abbey. I can live with that.


Lori said...

Hebrides is beautiful, really, I mean it! I'd be heartbroken to wait. Did you call them? Is it coming quickly? Will it be the right dye lot? PS. Still waiting for the recipe for Nepalese Potatoe salad. Will send as soon as it arrives.

Janis said...

I emailed her and she is sending the right stuff asap. It will be fine as far as dyelot. It is just the neck.