Friday, May 06, 2005

Ya gotta have Faith

I finished "Faith". It is out of Rowan #18 (Thanks Gail!). I love it. It is made out of Rowan Cashsoft. I just need to block it. Now I HAVE to (er, I mean I am dying to get to) work on Julies socks. I used to love making socks until one summer I made 30 or 40 pair of them. I believe my next project to work on at the shop is going to be a shawl that has sleeves. So, here is a zen question for you:
If a shawl has sleeves is it still a shawl?


TitaniumRose said...

Confuscious say:
Perhaps, depends on how many lotus blossoms you've been chewing.

Rabbitch said...

If you call it a shawl, then it's a shawl.

I'm not so much into truth. I tell my husband there's about 10% of the yarn he suspects there is jammed in my storage closets.

So yeah. Shawl.