Monday, May 16, 2005

Weird Ass people and my next project

Well, we went to Bay to Breakers yesterday. I can't put up pictures of lots of what we saw (you are lucky). There were really inventive costumes and props and then there were just really nasty old nude people. It sorta made you shake your head and go back to drinking your wine. I took pictures of some stuff that I can show. Here is a guy dressed like the pope in a pope mobile.


So that is my weird ass people stuff.

Now for the next project stuff. I am almost done with the Hebrides sweater so I am starting to think of my next "at home" project. I have decided on "Marilyn" by Beth Brown Reinsel.


I am making it out of Black Water Abbey's Yarn in the color "Butter"


So there ya have it. I went to Bay to Breakers and saw disgusting old naked people and the pope, and I am thinking of making this sweater "Marilyn" for my next project. Probably more than you wanted to know.


karen said...

Oooooh, pretty. (The sweater, not the naked people.) That will look great on you.

I [heart] Beth Brown-Reinsel.

See you tomorrow, hotcakes.


Lori said...

The new sweater looks awesome. You are so brave. As for Elspheth, Elspeth who? I'm up to the third repeat in the Semones sweater. Had gotten to the second repeat, 47 rows in and discovered an error at row 23. I unknitted for a long long long time. We're back on tract though.

Ron Sullivan said...

Mother of Pearl. There was someone in that fiasco wearing a Raw Chiclet Viper Hat and you're kvetching about mere naked _people_?? Who didn't hardly have no feathers to begin with?

OK, we didn't go to the um races yesterday. I'm trying to remember what we did do. Had Indian food for lunch and played with three baby snakes and a bearded dragon (who wasn't interested in eating dosas) and went home to recover from today. (We find it helps to do these things in advance.)

Where's my hat?

TitaniumRose said...

What? No picture of the chicken hat in action? =(

purlgurl said...

I'm going to send you a pic of me wearing the hat shortly...I've been sooooo busy. No posts, no knitting, sorry! sigh...purlgurl