Monday, May 09, 2005

Julie? Don't hate me because I am talented...


Uh, something went wrong with this sock that I am making for Julie. I don't know how to tell her that I am losing my mind by working on these socks and I ripped them out three times already. I have no idea why it is going this way. I swear it wasn't the drinking on Mothers Day that did it. I think that I am allergic to the colors pastel blue and pink. I think that the tedium of it is toxic. It makes me break out in a rash and then I drop stitches. I could no longer take it. So Julie, if you are reading this, I am sorry. I promise that when you least expect it you will get another pair of socks in colors that *I* can tolerate. I swear.



karen said...

I so feel your pain. I recently promised argyle socks to my dear friend Lon. Let's just say he ended up getting athletic-style socks (out of Cascade Fixation).

If it's any consolation, he has proclaimed the Plan B socks to be his "most prized possession." Then again, he is probably just trying to get me to pick up our next lunch tab.

Julie said...

It is so funny that you should say all those things about my almost socks. When I first saw them I thought, "those were not the colors I picked." I don't expect them any time soon. It was truly the thought that counted. I won't need them until winter weaving. In the summer I am perfectly content to have bare feet. I love you anyway. Oh, I am still waiting for the coat you wove.

Janis said...

You are a good sport. The coat I wove got left behind when I left home. Daniel probably used it as a rag.