Thursday, May 05, 2005

Name that obsession!

So somehow or other I got onto a boot obsession. I want to own every pair that I can. I already have these three lovely pair that Dr. Yarn (ok, Lori told me that I had to call Mr. Yarn Dr Yarn because the mister was disrespectful when it was a Dr.....whatever) has bought me. But leave me alone bored and I kind of have this ebay "problem". I don't consider it a problem but Dr. Yarn does. I actually have gotten really great stuff (ok, I don't count the antique clown posters).

So yesterdays win

Ostrich boots! It is like the rush a cat must feel when scoring that mouse.


Anonymous said...

Well, they are really lovely - and they were such a bargain. Me, I'm still working on acquiring the first pair, but you may have inspired me.

Karen said...

Unless Mr. Yarn is a medical doctor, it would in fact be gauche for him to use the "Dr." title socially. Plus he's your ol' man, so you can call him whatever you want, for chrissake.

Miss Manners

Janis said...

THANK you! Damn Dr....Mr Yarn makes for better copy.


Lori said...

DR or MR, he is the best 'ol man I've met in a long time! When all is said and done, its the Mrs in front of your name that really means anything. Particularly when your loved and well cared for! I'm sure he doesn't care what we call him, as long as its not late for dinner. Am I right Mr. Yarn?