Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day

I am a mom. I have to say that out of all the ways I define myself that being a mom is what I am proudest of. I am proud of my kids. There has never been a harder job than raising kids but I lucked out. Mine came out pretty near damn perfect. Did they scare me out of my mind at times? You bet. Did they drive me crazy at times? Sure they did. That was their job. I did my best and just hoped that it would be good enough.

me 008


I love you both more than I can ever say. Ok, stop groaning...I can hear you across state and across town.


hockey mom said...

Oh Janis, your childdren are gorgeous.

It never ceases to amaze me how you can love someone so much, but at the same time, want to (as we say in the south) pinch their heads off!

I hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

one out of two ain't bad. good job mom.

Anonymous said...

OK, which of your smartypants kids wrote the above remark? And were they talking about themselves or their sibling? Cut it out, you two.

Great talking to you this morning. I can't believe I forgot your birthday. Shame on me. That photo is a hoot!