Sunday, May 01, 2005

Woo party party


I am tired. Ya know, too much of a good thing. My friends Monte and Peter took me and Mr. Yarn to see "Beach Blanket Babylon". I can't believe that I have lived near San Francisco this long without seeing it. It was fantastic.

Ok, so I am avoiding speaking about knitting. "Aberlady" is done and I have to wash and block. I will show pictures after that. I am gonna sit on my butt again today and start a new project. I am also working on the socks for Julie.

Ok, this was a weak blog entry but there ya have what I have to say. Of course I couldn't just not put something up. I told you already that I am compulsive and have an over developed sense of "duty".


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laurie said...

I was late to the party... as usual... but happy birthday!!!!!