Thursday, May 26, 2005

REWARD: Lost Knitting Mojo

I don't know what is happening to me. I have lost my knitting ability. Check out the rib to the above sweater. It is called X's and O's. Now check out the ribbing on MY sweater that I have blindly been working on (ok, I haven't been home and I haven't worked on it very much but still).


I am working on Rowan "Broadway" at work. I have ripped it out about 12 times. I am scared. Sure I have no problems helping others but when I go to knit on my own things something is wrong. I would go to church and pray for my Mojo back, but I am Jewish. You can't pray for Mojo (I don't think....well, I only know the blessing over the wine and bread anyhow).

So, if anyone finds it can you please let me know. Otherwise I may be taking up macrame.


Lori said...

What the hell pattern were you looking at? Just kidding, its beautiful! Just kidding. You need a yarn vacation. Soon! And the shoes are still ugly. Mr. Yarn if your reading this, you need to put your foot down, no ugly shoes!

Janis said...

A. Shut up
B. Shut up
C. You are talking to MR YARN for god's sake. He doesn't know ugly shoes from a hole in the wall.
A. He hates wearing shoes
B. He wears Birkenstocks WITH socks.

TitaniumRose said...

Um, what's wrong with wearing Birks with socks?

To get your mojo back you need to sacrifice a chicken, more specifically some chicken nuggets. With BBQ sauce - that's very important. And wear your Raw Chicken Viking Hat while doing it. Guaranteed to work. =)

Janis said...

Nothin wrong with Birks and socks but then he can't tell me that the shoes *I* want are ugly

Julie said...

I would say you are spending too much time blogging and not enough time focusing on your knitting but I am selfish and I would rather have you blogging for my enjoyment then knitting, cuz I don't get anything out of that. My feet are cold. Maybe that is where your MoJo went.

TitaniumRose said...

OK how's this for weird - I saw a woman at my LYS last night wearing a pair of those sandal-ish looking things! I don't think they're ugly, just unusual. And a lot of people say that about Birks. I say screw 'em. =)

Janis said...

HAHA! Thank you TR! You are my new best friend. Others (I won't mention names, Lori, Sarah, and Molly oh and Andrienne) gave me a stitch and bitch night of teasing because I wanted these shoes