Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Here is the start of "Marilyn". It is pretty fun to knit. Knitting with the Black Water Abbey yarn (one of my personal favorites) is harsh on the hands if you are doing lots of tricky cables on it. Oh well.

Aside from this I am really into "Party" mode. This is the point before 50 people come over that the list comes out. I even have poor "Mr Yarn" making lists. You would think that we were getting ready for take off of a space shuttle. "Thursday, 11:01: Take turkey out of the freezer". "Friday 6:02: Make BBQ Sauce". You know, I also have this irrational fear of there not being enough food for all my guest. So, what are we making? We are making a Brisket, Sumac Chicken breast, A deep fried Turkey, Hamburgers for the purist, and Grilled Portobello's for our Vegetarian friends. This isn't including the 100 salads that I am thinking of making. I really don't think that you all know the depth of my neurosis. Well, maybe you do. Afterall, I have a blog and I am talking to 3 of my real friends and 100 imaginary ones. Oy.


Lori said...

I can't believe I'm going to miss all that terrific food! I'm sooo bummed!

TitaniumRose said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain. I too am an avid over planner and worrier when it comes to gatherings. We always end up with way too much food and everyone has a wonderful time in spite of my futzing. I just wish I lived closer so I could be there for the party - I just know it'll be a huge success. =)

Anonymous said...

dont make TOO much.. then ill be REALLY embarrassed when everyone flakes and the four of us are chowing down alone.

Janis said...

Annie, you have no faith that lots of people adore you. It won't be the four of us. If by some fluke it is I will not care if there is too much food. I love you!