Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I bought this recycled cashmere online a while back. I am in no way dissing the seller of this yarn. It is me that I think is an idiot. First off lets start by saying that colors that you see on a computer screen are not true to life. I won't go into the mechanics of why but just believe me. So, what made me think that if I bought the color I saw on my screen that it would be THAT color. As a matter of fact, you aren't seeing the color that this yarn really is. Take my word for it that it is ugly. Ok, now that isn't my only issue. I bought this recycled cashmere because I thought in this life I would actually do something with this yarn. No, I won't. I lied to myself and to "Mr. Yarn" (ok, it wasn't exactly a lie, more of a denial thing).

The worse part of it is that I didn't even really read her description because IF I did I would have known that the yarn that *I* choose to buy was not even recycled from a sweater from Europe or from a fancy store. MY yarn when it arrived came with the original label.


Folks....Costco. For my imaginary friends that don't have Costco's in their area just assume that this isn't a good thing.


Karen said...

Hold mean that the yarn literally comes from an unravelled Costco sweater?! Oy.

I would multi-strand it and make a fabric-edged crocheted baby blankie. Unless it's too ugly for a baby. Wait--maybe you could make it for an ugly baby.

I'm just sayin'.

katya said...

Ow, the thought of Costco cashmere makes my brain hurt.

Anonymous said...

I recycle cashmere for my own use and I've unravelled everything from Pringle to TSE to costco to qvc's label. You know what? You can't go by the label, I've seen some very expensive brands with so-so quality and some very cheap brands with great quality. By quality I mean softness, strength, non-pilliness, just general yumminess. Try stranding the colors together to get a marled effect. Or mix with another yarn too if the blend is still ugly. By all means knit it up!

I can see why you might be disappointed if you paid a lot for the yarn but it is sure to be much cheaper than store-bought.

Happy knitting and I love your projects!
Sonda, a knitter from alaska

Anonymous said...

I just zoomed in on your photo of the recycled cashmere and see that it's still kinky. Have you swatched it? It will change so much after washing and be much softer. That looks like a mountain of yarn (if the ball winder used produces the same size that my winder does).
If you really don't want it would you be interested in selling it?

Janis said...

Sure would be. email me at