Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Does this shawl make my butt look big?

I can NOT believe it. I went into "THE cedar chest" (said in a scary voice) and I saw this shawl sitting there. I have no idea, I mean NO idea where it came from. I believe that the 80's clothes are spawning. I don't know how to stop them.

(double click for larger picture so that you can give me your opinion)

I pulled this out of "the CEDAR chest" (said in a scary voice) and I need my loving viewers (hi few friends I have) opinion. You will tell me the truth because you know that *I* would tell YOU the truth (shut up Lori, I don't tell everyone that I think there stuff is beautiful when it isn't. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder). Is this sweater ugly or should I make another one out of less outdated yarn. This yarn was an old 80's Missoni yarn of some sort. What do ya think?


Karen said...

You know, I'm kind of digging that sweater. I might add some side shaping in a revamped version. I think what keeps it from being ickky is that the yarns don't contrast too much--it's almost like a reptile texture or something.

You could really trendify it and crop it into a shrug-y thing (and then give it to me, the ahead-of-the-curve shrug fan). ;)


Lori said...

I like the sweater, but, I'm way over the avocado green color. The very first sweater I made was dark olive drab green and I've never been able to wear it since. But, I do this "its Beautiful". By the way, I'm sure the picture isn't doing it justice, cause it does look cool.

La said...

OMG, someone else who forces their dog to model their knits! How cute is that?

Janis said...

If I told you where the pattern was from (remember 80's) you would puke.

I DID say it was 80's, hence the Avocado Green.

It is nice to find a sick knitting sister!

Anonymous said...

um...why are you letting lily wear my clothes. god. you stole it from me....thats where it all comes from.

Janis said...

Uh oh...THAT is where it came from. How did *I* end up with a shawl that your friends mother made you?
Love you!

TitaniumRose said...

First off, no, the shawl doesn't make his butt look big. But purple may not be the best color to bring out how pretty his eyes are. =)

I don't think the sweater is too offensive, really. I'd probably do it in different colors, but that's just because greens don't always look that great on me. Although as I look down I note I have on an entirely green outfit today. That must be why today is sucking so very much.

Ron said...

'80s?? I thought day-old guacamole and ~Harvest Gold~ was like a '60s suburban combo... Maybe I'm thinking of appliances.

Ron said...

Oops; hit Post too soon. There's something about that sweater that scares the shit out of me. Might be the combination of those colors and the slightly translucent quality the whole thing has.

On the other foot, I think Lily should definitely keep the shawl. She'll never be mistaken for a Berkeley dog that way. Berkeley dogs wear kerchiefs, and for special occasions, T-shirts.

Janis said...

Lily is anything but a Berkeley dog. I would have her in a bathrobe before I would let her be degraded in a bandana. She is no Willie Nelson.

Ron said...

I would have her in a bathrobe

I'm from Missouri.

riseyp said...

It is a very pretty sweater, style-wise, color-wise, yarn-wise. The 80s are indeed returning, and vintage is once again very in... I say go for it (provided you like the way the cut of the original one looks on you)

Anonymous said...

Missoni is the chicest, most couture knitwear in the world. House of Missoni (Missoni Casa) is an Italian name like Versace, but bigger when it comes to knit. A Missoni man's sweater just auctioned for $6,000. Missoni just stopped making yarn and fights have broken out in yarn stores to get the last few skeins. This sweater is awesome and worth a mint!

Janis said...

I have lots of old Missoni yarn. Yes, I know that Missoni is a wonderful. Missoni yarn has been discountinued for a long time.