Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How I spent my Memorial Day weekend


We were determined to finish the vegetable garden. We went to the nursery two times and planted a LOT of stuff. I now have tons of stuff growing. Padron peppers for tapas and blackeyed peas which I love. Lots of heirloom tomatoes and collard greens and broccoli and on and on and on.

Also worked on the deck a little.


We worked on the front of the house too. Mr Yarn got out power tools and gave the hedges a haircut. Here is a before and after:




I planted some marigolds just so I could see some color


Oh yeah and last but not least I planted a Topsy Turvy tomato plant "As seen on TV" (just because I am a sucker)


Ended the holiday with a BBQ at Cathy and Jeff's. Good holiday weekend.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mandarin jacket

Knitting a new sweater. It is called "Mandarin Jacket". Can't decide if I hate it or like it. I will finish it and most likely send it on to my mother who did like it.

In other news, the garden is coming along. I planted more stuff

Veg garden

I have learned my lesson to NOT plant before Memorial Day. I had to go outside last night and cover everything in plastic because it was going to frost. What a pain in the ass.

Monday, May 04, 2009

A great Bday

Got surprised with a weekend trip for my birthday! Started off on Thur. and we ended up in Stonehedge Inn. Our room was beautiful and I even got to have a massage in the spa.


Dinner at this place is the best I have had since I have left California. This is a BIG statement but it is true.

On Friday we drove along the coast to Maine.


The beaches here are not my wonderful Pacific but oh well.

I know this looks fake but it really is a picture I took of a lighthouse that we stopped at


Once we got to Portland Maine the eating began! We were lead to J's Oysters for oysters and a beer. This place was really great for sitting around and eating lunch with all kinds of local characters.


Yum oysters (ok, maybe I had one too many beers and the picture got a little blurry)


To end the trip we went and got a donut at Tony's. My friend Andrew insisted that I needed to do this.


Not sure if my stomach agreed.

A great time and will surly go back!