Wednesday, November 29, 2006



So, everything has to be out of the shop by tomorrow and I am still stuck with all the shelves that people "wanted". Here are some bookshelves that are now on freecycle. If anyone local wants them let me know. Free!

I am still stressing on getting everything out by tomorrow.

Knitting is going on at Chez Yarn! I am blocking Annie's sweater today and pictures will be up within a couple of days.


Stefaneener said...

Aaaagh. We'll be there soon to pick up the shelves, I promise!

BeanMama said...

I could use one big bookcase and the little corner one if they're not spoken for!

Janis said...

Email me for info. It has to be out of here today!!!

Rabbitch said...

I want 'em but I think the shipping would slaughter me.

Mom said...

Your sweaters are wonderful and so are you!
Love you lots,