Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guess what...

Rose of England

I am on the LAST row of the "Rose of England". Funny thing is that it makes me sad to be finished with it. I started it about 9 months ago and this has taken me longer to finish than anything I have ever knit. It has come full circle. I started it when Mr. Yarn lost his job and am finishing it a week before the move to Boston. What am I going to knit on next?

So, I needed a project to work on while flying to and from Boston and since Rich is freezing his buns off I decided that I would hop to it and knit him a scarf. The fact that Rich is wearing scarves in the first place spells COLD.

This is the DNA scarf (how perfect for a chemist). Pattern is free on line.

DNA scarf

One more week and I am outta here!

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