Friday, April 04, 2008


Hanami shawl

I tore through this one alright. It is the Hanami shawl. I did it out of Jojoland cashmere. I love this yarn. The shawl was really fun to knit but I am not all that in love with what it turned out to be.

So kids, this is it. This will be the last post until I get to the new house. We are sadly leaving Northern California (I am leaving my heart here though) on a redeye Wed night. We will be in the new house on the 15th. So, it will be a bit quiet around this blog for a few weeks. I can still get email at my old email address. I will never give that email address up!

Bye for now.


KB said...

Bon Voyage, Janis! Have a safe trip!

z's momma said...


Kate G. said...

Wednesday? Lord, I should read more closely. We thought you were already gone!

Anonymous said...

have a safe trip! MazelTov


vanessa said...

bon voyage!