Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bad Bad Blogger

I must apologize for not posting here very much anymore. I must admit that I have been spending more of my time over at Bite Me New England I just have not been that into knitting these days. Yes, I am knitting on some lace that I will post when it is done and I am also going to be knitting for "Ms Designer" but I just have not been real into it. My heart has been with canning and cooking and stuff like that.

So, I did go out into the rain to retrieve anything that still might be alive in my garden...


whoopie! four small roma tomatoes....


5 puny tomatillos...


a handful of fava beans


Best of all Mr UPS came and brought me the food processor that I won on Foodbuzz

I also got my electric gizmo to make Injera on.

Sorry I just don't have that much else to tell you...

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