Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blanket for my sweetpea


I guess by now you know that I have gotten word that I am going to be a grandma for the first time. My first grandchild. There is no experience that is quite the same as when you hear your daughter tell you. So what is it that I do when I am so excited and have to wait for months? I knit.


I have wanted to make this Alice Starmore blanket for a long time. I decided to make it reversible. I used Dream in Color Smooshy. I made up the backside of this blanket specially for my sweetpea.


Onto the next baby project!!!!!


Auban said...

lucky, lucky baby!

Kate G. said...

Sounds like a baby trousseau is in the works. Is a ruffled soaker in the mix? The suspense is killing me!

lisaz said...

Holy Moly Janice - that is stunning - and congrats too!!