Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wine wine wine!


Annie and I were invited to bottle wine for our favorite winery. Eric Ross rocks! We went down there and bottled a late harvest cab and a port. We were rewarded with a bottle of each and lunch. We also were initiated as winos.


(This really doesn't show HOW purple my hands really are)


Lori said...

Were you crushing grapes with those hands? Glad to see you blogging again!

Anonymous said...

Who cares what color your hands were----PORT.
You do wear the color well!


ms. crafty said...

That sounds so fun! :-) Wine rules.

Lisa said...

Does the tongue match the hands? (That sounds way worse than I know what I meant, right?)

Anonymous1 said...

As a long standing member of WinosRUs I say "welcome to the club!" Sounds like a blast. Was lunch good?

Stefaneener said...

Too bad it wasn't your feet! Wouldn't that have been fun?

Sounds nice.

Ron Sullivan said...

OK, I gotta ask: What do you do when making wine that turns your hands purple? ("Walking on your hands" is probably not the correct answer, but if it is, I wanna see the next time.)

Janis said...

Every aspect of wine making is messy. I tell you that after watching them bottle it your whole view of wine changes :--) *I* had the prestigious task of wiping off bottles (they are dripping with wine). I guess I could have licked it off.