Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Please tell me

Which should be my next project

Rowan's Celtic

I have a beautiful dark burgundy to do this in


Alice Starmore's Medieval Tapestry (I have the kit)



Last but not least Lizard Ridge from Knitty. A nice warm afghan


Tell me SOON. I am almost done with the sweater I am working on and I can't decided what do do next!


Hockey Mom said...

How's about Lizard Ridge? If you just finished a sweater, that would mix it up a little.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Lizard Ridge. It is cold and will feel good to sit under it while you make it. For the 2 days you take to make it Speed Deamon!
Have a great weekend wish you were going to Tacoma with us.

Romi said...

Celtic. It will look adorable on you. Isn't the medieval tapestry Jade's design?

ms. crafty said...

Definitely Celtic. That pattern is gorgeous!

Stefaneener said...

Not the Celtic. Either/both of the others. Really.

Rabbitch said...

Celtic. Definitely Celtic. I'll send you my measurements immediately.

Oh, you mean for you? Damn. Celtic anyhow. *g*

Tanya said...

Also voting for Celtic. 'tis oh so lovely!

Lisa said...

why don't I just mix it up with a vote no one else has put in? I vote for the Alice Starmore ('cause I'm jealous - I'll never have the patience to do something like that)

Of course, the others are fabulous too - but the lizard ridge seems like it has too much potential to sit unfinished for years... (but that's just me again)

KB said...

I vote for the Alice Starmore. I think it looks amazing. I do like the other two, but you can add them to the list once you finish the Medieval Tapestry. It looks challenging enough so that you won't get bored.

punkrawkpurl said...

celtic! though if you go by what you are most ikely to wear, suppose that would be the blankie. ; )

diann said...

Medieval Tapestry. What a gorgeous sweater! (Lizard Ridge will still be there when you get to it!)

Lori said...

I like the lizard ridge! But, they are all beautiful.

suzee said...

I've had my eye on the Lizard Ridge for a while, so I'd love to see you do that. But any of them would be great projects!

"Yum" on the oysters. It's been over a year since we've made that trek, and I'm thinking it's time.

okate2 said...

Hmmm, you could start all three and then go back and forth!

Linda said...

So, enuf already! It's been a week and a half. Have you made up your mind? Inquiring minds want to know.

I missed you and the group yesterday during Super Bowl, so I held my own knit-in here at home. I watched Vickie Howell, and finished a total of 14 7x9 inch squares for Warm-up America. (not all of them done yesterday, of course)

Hope you and Mr. Yarn are staying well, and that things are beginning to look up for you.