Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ok, I decided but now I am sorry

I finished the Alice Starmore "Bodega Bay" sweater and I know that this is going to be my favorite. It is a very warm sweater but it fits perfectly and I love it.

Bodega Bay Sweater

So, I had to finally decide what sweater to do next and after all of your voting I did what I wanted anyhow. I am sorry that I did though. This sweater is a bore to knit but at least it is going fast. I also started the Lizard Ridge afghan but that is even more boring to knit. Here is the start of the Jade Starmore "Medieval Tapestry" sweater. I know already that I will never wear it.

Medieval Tapestry


Romi said...

Oooh. Bodega Bay is gorgeous! And see? You should have done what *I* said and knitted the cabled number. Next time you'll know. ;)

Jennie said...

Bodega Bay is lovely. Are the armholes (armscyes?) that deep?

If you'll never wear Medieval Tapestry, rip it out. Life's too short. Do you hate the hem? That's what pops out at me. Can't you just change that? The rest is lovely, I think.

Marie said...

I'll post about the error in the Celtic chart later this afternoon - it seems a lot of people have trouble with it.

Tanya said...

Boring by other names can be calming, soothing, meditative...the question is this: does the thought of doing either of these make you want to poke your needles in your eyes? Sometimes frogging is the better part of valor (and sanity). If you can find satisfactory reasons to continue with them and be glad to have done so when finished (even if it's just "well, that kept me busy!") then have at it! As for me, well, I find that I'm usually more about the process than the finished object. If I hate working on it, that typically colors my feelings about the f.o. afterward.

May all your knitting be satisfying!