Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh yes I am knitting!!!!!

I still haven't figured out the new camera and I probably won't for a long long time because I am crazy stressed with out of work husbands, daughters wedding, sons graduation. Not that this is any excuse but I am am am knitting!

Granny Smith sweater

So this is the "Granny Smith" aka pain in the ass sweater. I must have ripped out this puppy a million times. Maybe it was just me. I love how it came out even though the picture sucks. I am wearing it over the dress that I am wearing to Annie's shower in L.A (the one where all my x-inlaws will be at looking at me).

and here we have a lovely shawl that I made out of incredible cashmere that I ripped off (not really she gave it to me because she would give me anything I wanted because she is the most generous person in the world) from Laurel. I used up the stuff *I* had for another project so I stole this from her for this one. I don't know the name of the pattern but it is in the Victorian Lace book. Ok I am rambling...


Again, not the best picture but oh well. I better go. I sound like I am a crazy person...bwahhhhhaaaaa


Laurel said...

You're a knitting machine! It all looks absolutely beautiful. I love that stole and would love to do it too but I'm not sure my lace chops are up to patterning on both sides yet. I really need that wrong side 'resting' row if you know what I mean. And for the record, mi cashmere et su cashmere. :-)

vanessa said...

ex-inlaws, you will look gorgeous!
i love the edging of your stole :-)

Jennie said...

They're both lovely! Now I'm thinking I need to buy that lace book. I love that leaf pattern.