Sunday, May 20, 2007

My kids!

Annie at shower

I got this picture back from Annie's shower and I love it. The shower was really fun and Annie got to eat her own face on the cake. What could be better?

Evan at graduation

This is from Evan's graduation. He graduated from Emerson in Boston and we went there last week. It is wonderful to see Annie getting married and Evan graduating but it is hard to see them so grown up.

Time just goes by too fast.


vanessa said...

what lovaly and handsome children you have!
you are right, they grow up way too fast...

Laurel said...

Dang, you sure made some pretty babies there. :-) Congratulations all around!

TheAmpuT said...

Your kids are beautiful (just like you!). XO~bonnie

punkrawkpurl said...

YO lady! Let's hang out!
miss you!
Monte mentioned Scotland! wow!
that is RAD that Annie got to eat face cake! hehe