Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad blogger...bad!

Not much to be talking about or showing so the blog fodder has been slim.

Here is a picture that Evan took out the window at Annie and Tim's wedding.

Evan's photo

TA DA! Here is Morrigan AGAIN. I redid it on size 1 needles and I hope this post doesn't jinx it and I have to start over the 4th time.


So I am off until Monday to a knitting retreat up in the Cascade mountains. Sleeping Lady. it is put on by Acorn Street Yarns. Drinking and knitting for 3 days sound help my head.


Kate said...

Wait a minute...who is that rowing away in Evan's photo? Not the groom?!! Is there something you're not telling your readers? And please watch out with that knitting and drinking. We wouldn't want to rip out Morrigan again would weeeeeee?

Laurel said...

That kid is just amazing with a camera. Hey, when he's a rich and famous Hollywood cinematographer, will he get us into the Oscars?