Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fessing up

I went on a knitting retreat last week. It was at "Sleeping Lady" which is a beautiful retreat place up in the Cascade mountains in Washington. It was put on by Karen at "Acorn Street Yarns". I had a great time with my friends. We may have made a couple of stops on the way up there. We went to Tricoter and another shop (sorry can't remember the name). Tricoter was having a "sale" which means that their prices were in the normal range. I might have gone a bit overboard. I also bought most of my yarn at the retreat itself.

So here is the loot that I brought back


What we have here is "Socks that Rock" in colorway Lagoon (shut up I fell for the overpriced sock yarn because of the color).
I also bought some Cashmere because it was on SALE. It is Cashmere Silk by Jade Sapphire in colorway Cashoflouge. I actually bought 2 skeins of the stuff. The ball of yarn with those two is a yarn that Gail gave me because she knows I love those colors.

WAIT! There is more


I bought LOTS of Zephyr because it was there and I love it. I bought black and white for the Mystery Shawl and also for the Hanami shawl that I am going to do. I bought this other laceweight yarn because the pink was so light that it was almost white but I think that it has Lolly's name written all over it. This yarn is "Baruffa" by Lane Borgosesia. The green in there was perhaps an impulse buy.

WAIT....a little more


More Zephyr and Silky tweed. I got started on the Gypsy Shawl by Evelyn Clark. She was at the retreat and I had the honor of meeting and talking with her for 3 days. What an incredibly talented and sweet woman.

and last but not least...


Required reading. Now that I don't have the shop I don't want to miss out on patterns.

So, that is it. I had a great time and may have gone a little wild in the yarn department but I considered it therapy.


Laurel said...

Nice haul there, sister! The pink yarn is particularly fetching. (grin)

I'm glad you had fun -- you deserved some time off for good behavior.

Stefaneener said...

This all seems like perfectly normal behavior to me.

Kate said...

Hmm, Dr. Kate sees a great amount of knitting in your future now that the basement is full of skeins and Mr. Yarn can no longer open the door on his wine cellar. My prescription? Take two sticks...maybe four...and get to work!