Thursday, October 18, 2007

I had to move on

Tangled Yoke

No, I haven't given up on the "Rose of England" but...

I had to move on for a while. I still work on the Rose from hell but since it keeps getting smaller instead of bigger (Yeah, ripping is my friend) I decided to do something a bit less complicated. The "Tangled Yoke" is from the last issue of Interweave Knits and is a perfect winter sweater. I will be done with it soon and will be able to wear it in the gloomy days ahead.

On the Mr Yarn job front: Looks like there is a possible interview for him right here in Alameda. PLEASE ask your favorite deity to look over us and help him get this job. This would mean that we get to stay right where we are and that is a goooood thing. I love it here.


Linda in Alameda, CA said...

Good to see you blogging again. My fingers are crossed (hard to knit that way, though) and good thoughts are going up that Mr. Yarn and you will be able to stay in Alameda. Now that I am retired, I am going thru the closet and working on UFO's. Kind of fun to start again on something that is more than halfway finished.

Stefaneener said...

You've got those thoughts. It would be nice to have less change right now, huh?

Kate G. said...

Candles are lit and a double bourbon is up on the
house altar. Come on lucky seven for Mister Yarrrrrrrrn. Ms. Knit needs a new pair of needles...or maybe not needles, maybe just a little less worry.