Friday, October 26, 2007

I am laughing WITH her...

Poor Lily

Poor Lily came back from "spa day" with much of her tail gone. It was for her own good but it looked so pathetic that it made me give her an extra biscuit for the humility she endured. I do like the little puff that they left behind so that she didn't feel nude.

More done on "Tangled Yoke". Not much more to do on it.

Tangled Yoke

Mr. Yarn is going for an interview in Kalamazoo. You heard me...


Laurel said...

Ohmygodohmygod. What did they do to Lily's tail and, more importantly, why?

The tangled yoke sweater is beautiful but I think you should set it aside immediately and knit a tail cozy for that poor dog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janis:

I bought a pattern from Yarn! some time ago and lost it! I had gotten all of the yarn together to knit. It was called Shawlette with three ladies in the front wearing their shawlettes. How can I get another copy? Thanks for your help.

P.S. Poor dog tail!


lisa said...

I know some folks in Michigan you know. It's not all bad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janis,
I have to second Laurel's comment---ohmygod.
Hairy is so sorry for Lily, he want her to know that she should hold her head up high and tell anyone that makes fun of her "Talk to the paw".
Hugs, good luck to Rich.
Donna and Hairy

Kate G. said...

Oh dear, the basting brush tail in in the '60's and so out now. Can be balance on the front end with a perm between the ears.
Maybe Lily could go back for extensions! Hmmm? Maybe not.

Tangled yoke very nice. I have a bookmark on that page.

BeanMama said...

Poor, sweet Lily!! Poor tail.
Kalamazoo!! Aak!