Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Living in a house from the 1800's

I love my old house. There are tons of great things about it like the original stained glass, and the original fixtures, and high ceilings, and that it is made out of REAL 2 x 4's that are redwood. I love the original old floors, and the original glass that is still in all the windows. I love that there is a cupboard in the kitchen that used to be for ice to keep things cold, and that the original built in is all rickety and old but authentic and wonderful. Then there are all the things I hate. I can't stand that there is not ONE closet in this whole house (what did those people do with their clothes?). The same windows with the original glass that I love I also hate because it is drafty. I can't stand the small small rooms. I can't stand that there are NO closets (oh, I already said that). So everything has its good sides and bad.

The thing is that I am starting to get itchy to fix it up. We did the huge backyard thing a couple of years ago, and who knows if we are going to be staying here (I hope we do). I figure that I am going to fix up the bathroom. If we move it needs to be fixed and if we don't move it will be a nicer bathroom for us. So the question is how the hell do I move that tub? Heavy? Uh, cast-iron heavy. I don't know where to start. If I take this wallpaper off I know (call it psychic) that the walls might be crumbling under there. I want paint. I hate wallpaper. So, it is daunting.

Since most the rooms in my house are bright victorian type of colors I also think we should paint. I have been watching too many TV shows with names like "Sell My House". Muted and safe colors they say. Ha! Check this out (and please excuse the mess, I didn't know you were coming over)

A smashing peach color that I have been too lazy to change (yeah, I have lived here for 4 years, so?)

This room is really brick red but I sorta like the color that it is in the picture!

and last but not least

This is really orange and not lemon yellow but I never said I was a photographer.

So you get the gist of what I am saying. Sell "as is" or Navaho White?


anmiryam said...

As is. Definitely.

I'd buy it in an instant.

Anonymous said...

As is. Those are terrific colors.

As for the tub, you get as many people together as possible to push it out of the bathroom and through the house along pieces of cardboard. Then down the front steps on boards. Then you call the nice people at the salvage store to come and get it. Woo-hoo! I'm available for plumbing and pushing at your convenience. :-)

Janis said...

We just need to push it out of the way. I am not getting rid of it! I love my claw-footed tub. I am just not sure it there is anywhere to push it to!

Anonymous said...

No Navaho White. I love the colors! I's let the next people worry about the tub


Joy said...

As Is. Those colours are absolutely superb.

Ann said...

I'm all about the color. Even in my 50's ranch. Certainly in your Victorian!

ms. crafty said...

No navaho white please! Love the color (except for the peach which is one of my personal pet peeves).

Kate G. said...

As is. It has personality!

lisaz said...

screw navajo white. that's for trims. I moved my cast iron tub up the stairs with just one other person - so the two of you can move it to the side, no problem. If yoiu do get rid of it - make sure to sell it - you can get big bucks from crazy people like us who love those tubs!

Anonymous said...

uh I know somewhere you can push it to. It's this red and white house in oakland.