Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Stinking Rose of England

Stinking Rose of England

I am still working on this puppy. It goes on and on. I would say that I am more than 3/4ths done. I work on it almost every day and hopefully one day I will be done with the damn thing.

In the moving front. Still don't know where we will end up. Choices now are: Boston, Texas, Boston again, Wisconsin more than I can hope for right here in the Bay area. Miracles do happen now and then. Don't they?


Stefaneener said...

If anyone deserves a miracle, you do.

Diane in Oregon said...

Janis, the ROE is going to be stunning when you finish it!

I'm hoping you get your miracle!


Kate G. said...

Stinking Rose? Like in garlic? Phew. I guess it all adds up to an endless fragrant project on your needles. Did I just write "endless?" No, no no, I meant "rewarding." At any rate, keep your chin up. As my mother used to say: roses go better with rosé.

punkrawkpurl said...

miss you!!!