Monday, September 08, 2008



Rich and I left for a few days and headed for Vermont. I knew that I should have moved there instead of Massachusetts the minute we got there. What a beautiful place it is. Our goal was to hit up every cheese farm on the cheese trail. We followed the map and we actually did get to most of the places. We took a cooler with us and bought cheese from every dairy. We will have a Vermont cheese tasting as soon as we can find friends or even strangers that want to do it. Hmmm. Pretty depressing because if we were in the Bay Area we know LOTS of willing victims that would have been right on over.

The last dairy we went to was a Water Buffalo cheese and yogurt farm. I didn't bring my camera on this trip so I had to steal pictures to reenact some of the trip.


So, we were sitting around and Rich was reading a local paper and he says "hey do you have any interest in going to the Vermont Wool and Sheep festival?" He knew that he would get a reaction. We went, and I bought. It was a small show but it was fun and I got to pet some alpacas.

(this wasn't the actual alpaca I pet. It is a "likeness" to the one I pet. As I have mentioned I didn't bring my camera.)

We also went fishing on Lake Champlain. We limited out on trout (which we need to find friends that want to help us eat it) and
I caught the biggest fish. It was 12lbs. It was heavy and they MADE me reel it in even though I kept trying to give the fishing pole to Rich for him to reel it in because my hand was going numb. Glad that he didn't do it though because now I keep getting to torture him that I caught the biggest fish.

Um, this isn't MY fish exactly, but this is what it looked like (ok, I know it was stupid not to bring my CAMERA).


So, it was a great trip and I wish we didn't have to leave Vermont. Vermont is like California only it isn't. I just felt less homesick there.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we stayed at the Inn at Essex which is the Culinary Institute. Food was good. We didn't take any classes because there was nothing we really wanted to take. Not sure if I would go back here.


vanessa said...

yum, i'd be more than happy to come up and help you out with the cheese and trout :-)

is there a knitting or spinning guild near you?

Laurel said...

Save some cheese for when I'm there in October please! Mmmmmmm. Cheeeeese. I guess you'll probably have to eat the trout before then, huh?

Sounds like you had a great (and much deserved) little getaway.

Kate G. said...

Yum...cheese stuffed trout served in Alpaca cozies. I am so there!

(We miss you. Come home.)