Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy week

It has been a busy week. Val came from California to visit and brought a bit of sunshine to Massachusetts. We kept really busy. Her visit started off with us planning a birthday dinner for Mr Yarn. We shopped and cooked for this meal for three days. It was a recipe out of "The French Laundry" cookbook. Thomas Keller is a sick puppy. It was a lesson in patience.

Our first course was a composed Lobster Salad that Val whipped up.


It was great.

Next came the short ribs (I am too tired to even explain this one) and potato pancakes which were a request from the birthday guy.

Short ribs that took 3 days to make

Oh yeah, this dish also had some kind of bone marrow morsel along with it. I won't even get into THAT.

During these three days we found time to go Apple Picking at Togas Farms. More about that later.

apples from the farm

We also got to the Clam Shack in Ipswich and showed Val Cambridge.

Next day Val and I drove up to the Berkshires and we visited the Nubian Goats (my new best friends). We also stopped off at my new favorite yarn shop. It is called Metaphor Yarns and it is in Shelburne Falls. Love this place.

Monday we decided to do something with all the apples we picked (told you I would get back on the subject). We made apple butter.


I dropped Val off at Logan express this morning. I am homesick. I wanted to get on that plane with her and go back to my old house in Alameda. I miss my friends.


Anonymous said...

Yummm. I love apple butter. And I was just thinking about the Vermont cheese that you have stashed somewhere (hopefully not near your fiber).
Reading your posts makes me hungry in a drinking red wine kind of way.

Kate G. said...

We miss you too! Then again...Nubian Goats are on the island.

Laurel said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! You have no idea how much we miss you.

That is all. :-(