Friday, October 03, 2008



I know that I have been whining terribly about New England and being homesick etc. But it is Fall and the trees are changing. It is amazingly beautiful.


I still don't get the concept of coming from other places and taking vacation time to go "Leaf Peeping". I mean it IS beautiful. I see the beauty. I get it. I just don't get going out to find it and taking time off of work to do so. Yes, it IS beautiful and yes, I know I am mean.

Goodbye pool

Another sign that Fall is here is that we had to "close" the pool. Another new concept to me. It made me sad.

So, my friend Cathy came over and brought me concord grapes from her mothers garden. I proceeded to turn on music. Turn on the fake fire and the real fire.

Here is the fake fire:

Fall day

The real one burned out and I was too lazy to restart it.

So, I started taking all the skins off the grapes and this is what the outcome was:

making grape jam

Took a long time to finish this process. Do you know what I got out of it? Really, this isn't a joke. I spent 2 hours making jam from all these grapes and this is what I got

Grape jam

One of them goes to Cathy for giving me the grapes. It is ok... I hate grape jam anyhow.

It is Fall and New England is beautiful.

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