Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am not dead even though it feels like I am


Here is a picture of the snow melting. It is practically GONE. Um, still looks like it is there to me but everyone in the know seems to think that we are on a warming up trend. Yeah, I will believe it when I see it...

So, I have my 30th cold in a row. I never have gotten better since I moved here. I think I am better and then WHAM another cold. This time it is like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Wheeeee, how much fun flying to California on Saturday. That should be swell. Not to mention that it will probably rain there too despite all the "Oh, it is so hot here" comments I have gotten all winter.

So, here is something embarrassing that I will share with you...
I hate Valentines day. It is stupid and contrived and it has always bugged me. So on that special day Mr Yarn and I usually play it down. I ask for cheap chocolate made out nothing found in real life. You know the chemical type that you find at the drug store. The ones that all the pathetic men are buying at the last minute because they forgot what a "special" day this is. *I* usually buy Mr. Yarn a cheesy pair of boxer shorts that I buy at the drug store. The ones with hearts and stupid stuff on them. This year Mr. Yarn came home from a trip to India on Valentines day. He had beautiful flowers delivered to me in the morning (breaking protocol but they were beautiful) and when he came home he had bought me perfume that he knew I had wanted. He went all out. I kept to the routine of boxer shorts. However, this time I ordered them online because for some reason New England doesn't go for cheesy drug store boxer shorts the same way that California does. So, I pick what I can and have the damn things monogramed. They were suppose to read " I (heart) Janis" Cheesy enough, yes?

The morons took it upon themselves to bump it up a notch in case the Mr. has more than one Janis in his life


Ohhhh p.s. (I am writing this a couple of hours later)

It is snowing.

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Okate said...

You silly girl. You made me snort my morning coffee and now I'll have to make a second cup.

California may be the winner in cheesy boxers, but East Coasters sure know how to spell things out.