Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I still love you California

We are back from our trip to California. Besides the fact that I was sick as a dog with bronchitis and ended up in urgent care, the trip was great. I was on every medication known to man but still was back "home" and happy to be with Annie and Tim and we got to see Evan and my mom and sister and brother. We also got to have dinner with our pals. I miss them all more than words can describe.

So, I took pictures. Lots of em.

First off is my Granddogs


This is Dahlia. I got to meet her for the first time and she is the best. I wanted to sneak both of these guys home in my suitcase but Annie wouldn't let me.

This is Ricky


I didn't get a really good picture of him. He is also the cutest dog in the world (besides Esther).


We drove down 101 to L.A. and I got to see my perfect ocean. Not the fake ocean that I live near now. This is the REAL ocean.


Check out that sky.


How could I ever have taken this for granted? This is Marina Del Rey at its normal. I forgot how beautiful L.A. could be.

l.a. traffic

Ok, the traffic sucks in L.A. and this is at 9:30 in the morning on a Thursday.

On the way back to the Bay Area



Things I miss about Oakland

Statue of liberty

More oakland


It is called DIVERSITY.

Ah yes, and these were sitting outside the Longs Drugstore in February

flowers in Feb

Back to Annie and Tim's and ready for party time


Birthday girl

Tim built Annie a birthday cake. She is the cupcake queen so this was appropriate

Annie's bday cake

And just in time we made it back home before the storm hit. We are lucky to have the best neighbors in the whole world.


Back to reality


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