Monday, March 30, 2009

I went to the "Woolapalooza" and all I came home with is wool

Yup, Mr Yarn and I headed over to the Woolapalooza on Saturday. It was sheep shearing time. The National Audubon Society sanctuary (Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary) a beautiful place right near our house and this was an event there.


So some old hippy guy was shearing the sheep with these big ole scissors. I must say that I felt like he was manhandling that poor sheep a bit and I felt sorry for the poor thing (the sheep not the man).


Next, we went to go see the Nubian goats. This is MY personal favorite. We got to see a baby. Awwww.


About 15 minutes before we got into the barn this cutie was born. Doesn't get much cuter than that (shhhh, I liked the Nubian goat better but don't tell anyone because goats aren't as cool as sheep in knitting circles, but you can make goat cheese out of their milk)


This sheep looked like someone sheared it with a Flowbee. I couldn't stop myself from yelling to it "Hey baldie, looks like you were sheared with kitchen scissors"


We watched the dog boss the sheep around. Those sheep sure knew that the dog meant business. He had them running one way, and then the other and all around and everywhere. I heard one sheep say to the other "Man this dog is a tyrant, I need a drink".


Just because I am a bit odd I took a picture of a chicken. I love chickens. I want to own chickens (Mr. Yarn said that is all good and fine with him but what the hell are we going to do with them in the winter...he won't let me waste electricity heating the coop).

Ok, so that was my Audubon experience and we even became members. Stay tuned for my bird watching adventures (that is after I take up Kayaking and juggling).


Stefaneener said...

Are you SURE they need winter heat? If it's well insulated and small, then they could theoretically use body heat. You'd have to chip the ice off the water. . .

vanessa said...

nubian goat, the words alone are so exotic.