Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More fun with food and snow

So as promised I took a picture of me playing with food.


Here I am wrapping potato strips around a cucumber. Not as easy as it looks. Do not try this in your own home.


Frying it up (have more than one cucumber on hand if you want to do these stupid baskets.

What this basket looks like after you have suffered through making them


NOT worth it. The little morsels that go inside were well worth it though.


The short ribs were fantastic and the meal was a success. Just don't bother making little baskets out of potato strips and you will be fine. Note to self: Don't play with your food...simple is best.

Oh, and while we were cooking and drinking wine on this lovely 50 degree SPRING day, Denis yelled over Neil Young on my iPod: "It is SNOWING". Yup...I thought he was messing with my head but Noooooo

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Kate G. said...

So, sad. Spring once again eludes the charming Yarns. Even the homage of a potato basket does not turn the tide. Will the whire madness never end?