Friday, March 20, 2009

Obsessed in the kitchen...


I just got this cookbook and I want to make everything that is in it. So, I have really obsessed with the potato recipes. This is the one that I am going for first


It is little potato baskets that you make by slicing a potato on a Japanese slicer (makes long long threads) and you wrap the long thread around a cucumber. Then you fry it up in a fryer and slip it off the cucumber. You have a basket. The basket is filled with potato balls that are glazed in a homemade stock that has been reduced to nothing.


So, I made the stock and I fried up the little balls today. You have to fry them a second time but since we can't do this all at the last second you can fry them the first time and freeze them.


This is going to go with Short ribs with mushroom Jam (or something that sounds stupid like that in the recipe). We got that recipe at a cooking class that was given by the chef of a local restaurant. A dinner that we will test out on our neighbor Denis. He is game for anything (as long as there is good wine to go with it).


Stefaneener said...

Wow. That is a recipe! Better you than me, I guess, but it does sound interesting.

Kate G. said...

Thank God for neighbors! Short ribs and potatoes two ways...what could be wrong with that!