Monday, April 27, 2009

Everything is just fine

Yellow collar Bohus

I finally finished the Yellow Collar Bohus sweater. Thank god. I have to say that it is pretty boring knitting this sweater. I am glad it is done. I really do knit knit knit still. I have been working on a rush job for a designer that I knit for. Been knitting like a fiend!

Spent the beautiful warm weekend working outside. We cleaned up around the pool and planted and bought stuff. I bought this hummingbird feeder that I fell in love with. Not sure if we will get hummingbirds in these parts of the woods (well maybe a few but not what we are used to) but we are going to try.

Hummingbird magnet

And last but not least we started the vegetable garden. I still need to buy plants and I am going to sprout some seeds (still too cool here to plant them) but I went ahead and planted brussel sprouts and onions. We also put a little fence around the garden so that the pooch won't step through it.

start of a garden

Life is good...

Monday, April 20, 2009



I think Spring is here. My bulbs are coming up and there is gardening going on. It hasn't gotten very warm but I CAN feel my hands and feet again.

I love my hyacinth


We started our vegetable garden. 3 cubic yards of dirt was dumped into our neighbors driveway (shhhhh, they won't care).


Our neighbors Jeff and Cathy are the best! They helped us shovel all of this into the beds. I must admit that "one of us" (cough) was a wimp when it came to shoveling. I raked and evened out the dirt in the beds though!


What a good feeling when it was done. Today we are going to look for a fence to put around it so that the critters can't get to it.


Oh and about knitting...
I started the "Barn Raising" blanket shown here but had to put it aside for a sweater that I am test knitting.


uh, ignore the cat and dog fur that I just noticed on the ottoman. I think my animals are molting for the summer.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Been sick but enough about me...

Cat scans and sinus stuff and teeth stuff and codeine and LOTS of antibiotics. Ok, that is the short synopsis and enough about me.


I realized that Dakota aka Esther doesn't get enough attention on this blog so here is a current (as of today) picture of the freckle face girl. Here is another:


She is the best and I love her so much!

So, my sis wanted me to copy a sweater for her. This sweater is one that she has had for too many years and it is tattered and well worn. Her FAVORITE sweater in the whole world. So I did my best and bought cheap yarn (her version was a TJ Maxx special so cheap yarn was called for). Voila...I did my best with it. Knitted it over and over until I got it right. Glad it is done.