Monday, April 27, 2009

Everything is just fine

Yellow collar Bohus

I finally finished the Yellow Collar Bohus sweater. Thank god. I have to say that it is pretty boring knitting this sweater. I am glad it is done. I really do knit knit knit still. I have been working on a rush job for a designer that I knit for. Been knitting like a fiend!

Spent the beautiful warm weekend working outside. We cleaned up around the pool and planted and bought stuff. I bought this hummingbird feeder that I fell in love with. Not sure if we will get hummingbirds in these parts of the woods (well maybe a few but not what we are used to) but we are going to try.

Hummingbird magnet

And last but not least we started the vegetable garden. I still need to buy plants and I am going to sprout some seeds (still too cool here to plant them) but I went ahead and planted brussel sprouts and onions. We also put a little fence around the garden so that the pooch won't step through it.

start of a garden

Life is good...

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vanessa said...

what about deer in your garden?
any mods to the bohus?