Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I swear I laughed about this

uh oh

I decided to steek the YOUKNOWWHAT Knitting Olympics sweater yesterday. I figured I better do it before I did the second sleeve in case something went wrong. Uh, it went wrong. I crocheted the steek and somewhere in the middle nodded off (It is the antihistamines I tell ya) and did part of it wrong. So, the steek situation didn't turn out too well. Here it is:

screwed up

Yup, it came undone. I futzed around with it and then it went where all "Ok, I am going to cut my losses, it is only a damn sweater" go

yarn is exiting room

It will go to the trash.

Ya know, I could have gotten really upset over it but truth of the matter was that I hated the yarn. Live and learn. I am a dope.


PinkyRoo said...

Too bad about your sweater, but at least it was just a *existential* knitting project. What yarn did you use?

I miss you and the Wednesday night group, but I want to take a karate class that happens Wednesday nights, too. Hopefully I'll see you all soon, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh no,give it to a chariy shop. Somebody may want the yarn.
Are you going to attempt another fair ilse?
How is your Jinny going?
I love wearing mine, I wish it was warmer. I had to wear a wooly sweater today and put Jinny back in the wardrobe, waiting for spring!

kweaver said...

That is so tragic.

Rebekah said...

Tragic, but you know sometimes we just have to cut our losses and move on. Good decision, and by you not being upset proves it was the right one.

Stefaneener said...

Why did you hate the yarn again? I bet there's a "no kill" shelter somewhere for sweaters.

Although sometimes, it's just time for the needle, you know?