Thursday, February 09, 2006


I can't decide which one of these to start and to work on for the 16 days.





Doesn't mean I will finish it, but I am going to put the sweater from hell aside for 16 days (I swear ONLY 16 days) and work on one of these.

added to post:

I deleted the special knitting Olympics post. I hurt someones feelings and I really never intended to make fun of anyone. It is just better off deleted so that there are no hurt feelings.


Hannah Hamovitch said...

Definately, #1 and if it doesn't fit, you give it to the one that raised you, fed you and loves you!!

That's Me!

Janis said...

I don't know if you know this, but you own more of my sweaters than *I* do.

Rosemary said...

Oooh! The first one! I love that sweater. I have yarn stashed for it, too, of course. :)

Hockey Mom said...

If it counts, I vote for the first one too. Pretty!

Janis said...

It all counts! I think that is the one I will be going with.

Karen said...

My vote is for "This."

Janis said...

Oh good because I chose this.

Anonymous said...

the first one and if it doesnt fit, you can give it to the one you you raised, fed(when i was good) and loved.

Janis said...

Oh, I fed you?

Anonymous said...

This #1. Definately. It'll look fabulous on you.