Thursday, February 23, 2006

What I bought at Stitches

So the computer is fixed, hurrah!

This is what I bought at Stitches:

Left to Right: All laceweights here. The green yarn on the right is 50% cashmere and 50% silk. The gray one is Yak and silk. The trio of orange colored yarn is I dunno but it is a kit for an Orenburg shawl. The taupe and brown yarn is 100% merino and the purple and green yarn is also merino.


This picture does not do this BEAUTIFUL yarn justice. I love this one. I bought a hat pattern to make out of this. It is by a new company called Toots LeBlanc. It is Merino/Angora. It is all in natural colors.


These are natural shetland from Carolina Homespun. I bought enough to make a sweater out of all natural colors. I get any more natural I will just wear the sheep around my shoulders.


"Socks that Rock". I don't even really need to say more. This was the most popular booth going on I think. I am thinking of carrying it in the shop but the minimum order is WAY high and I don't know if I really have enough room for that much of this yarn. Not only that but the Koigu shipment comes this week (only took 1.5 years to get).


Last but certainly not least is this cashmere by "Just Our Yarn". BEAUTIFUL stuff. I think it might be my favorite. Nawww. I love them all the same.


tammy said...

I am DYING to see the "socks that rock" stuff! Is it really that fab? I have been debating ordering some.

ms. crafty said...

It's all gorgeous. Thanks for letting me vicariously yarn shop through you :-)

That "socks that rock" stuff looks fabulous...I might have to add it to my wish list.

Lori said...

Hey where's the $250 sweater kit you bought? . . . . . . Just kidding MR. Yarn! I think I saw everything except the cashmere. Can you bring it in tomorrow so I can fondle it?

knitcrazed said...

the yarn looks and sounds beautiful. on some level i'm glad i didn't go to stitches. i probably would be broke and on the way to a divorce ;-)

Mommio said...

Koigu arrives this week? Uh oh, I don't have a trip planned up to the East Bay! Me wants some Koigu!!! Might be a good excuse to come and visit mom again...

Jean said...

Oh, Janis!


Sharon said...

Oh wow, an Aussie girl can only drool over all that lovely yarn you bought.