Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A little detour


I had to start this sweater yesterday. It is out of Cashsoft Baby DK. I promised to make it for a friend to give as a gift. Hey, I finished most the back already so it won't be a long detour.

Went to go look at the Brazillian Room for Annie's wedding last night and we ran into two other couples there that Annie and Tim know that are getting married. I think that this spot was a no.


Lori said...

Cute Cute Cute cute cute!

Nina said...

First of all...what a cute pattern! Also, my husband and I got married at the Brazillian Room almost 9 years ago and it was such a beautiful setting. I still get comments about it from people who attended. Good luck!

Stefaneener said...

Hmmmmm. Thing 1 mentioned the sweater yesterday. I still can't believe Annie's getting married. Aren't you excited?