Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You love me anyhow


Know what this is? This is something that I started because I couldn't feel my hands anymore after working on the 40lb Dale sweater. Besides that I am sick of it and not even sure it will look good on me. I digress. I am doing this one because it is somewhat interesting construction and technique. Guess what it is. It rhymes with Big Butt.


PinkyRoo said...

I'm *glad* you're working on the Ballerina jacket! It's going to be beautiful, big butt or not. I think it looks like a great design, and hopefully you like it enough to finish it, and if not wear it, allow jane to wear it.

Jennie said...

The first photo here is odd looking but the others are charming! http://www.knit.dk/ballerina.htm

I love the purple.

Stefaneener said...

Great color!

BeanMama said...

Dying to see how fast you WHIP through on this one! I vow that if you're not finished by the time I finish the fr*&$!@n' vest, Promenade will be my next project. If you are finished, though, then I reserve the right to waffle.

Lori said...

Who is Jane?

Hannah Hamovitch said...

Your sweater is beautiful!!!
You look great in it!!!!
I love you,