Tuesday, June 06, 2006



The mint is kicking.


The basil and other herbs are doing great.


Other vegetables are growing well. We have blackeyed peas, green beans, leeks, squash, and lots of Bok Choy.

So all in all it is growing and thriving. I wish that I could say that *I* felt as perky but I don't. I think what I have is a serious case of burnout.

I have decided to sell the shop and it makes me really sad in lots of ways. I think that I have become stale there and I always promised myself that if I ever did and that if I ever started getting grumpy that I would hand it over. It is time. So, I just haven't been too me lately. I will be back.


Lisa said...

this must be hard for you - it's sad for me - but I've always found that scary changes will open you up for newer and bigger things. Good luck in whatever you do!

PinkyRoo said...

It is a sad thing to think of Yarn! without you, but I know you will be happier being free and knitting on your own schedule. I remember meeting you the very first time I cam into the store, shortly after I moved to Alameda. I know you'll rock your next project, whatever it may be!

Linda said...

I am so sad to hear you are thinking about selling the shop. You've been grumpy before in the past couple of years - is this just another temporary "grump/slump"? or is it the real thing?

Janis said...

No it is not temporary. I am just a grump and it would be more fun to just subject my friends and family to it.

KB said...

we need to talk. I'll be by tomorrow.

BeanMama said...

I've never, ever seen you grumpy. You are always a breath of good air for me. I'm so sad to hear this, but only you know what is best for you. But you have to promise to sell to someone fun and nice and not someone who'll turn the shop into another freakin' nail salon. :)

Jennie said...

beanmama's right; no more nail salons needed in CA. In fact, you must promise to sell to someone who keeps the shop as wonderful as it is. Big shoes to fill.

I'm sad! I feel like I just discovered Yarn! this past year.

Hockey Mom said...

Good luck!