Thursday, June 15, 2006

Knock knock


I found it a little scary when I found these prints on the upstairs staircase wall. Um, I am thinking that it isn't from one of the animals that live here. Looks like a Raccoon to me. Where was Lily during all this?


I love this view from my kitchen. The climbing vine of roses makes me feel like I am living in a civilized way. Ha!

Mr Yarn! got a promotion at work yesterday!! Congrats Dr. Senior Scientiest II. You will always be Mr. Yarn! to me. Uh, wait, no you won't. You may morph into a new name soon.

So off to Seattle and Canada we go. Almost forgot to take my birth certificate out of the safety deposit box. That wouldn't have been good. I will be back June 27. Grandpa Yarn! will be here with Lily.


Hockey Mom said...

Have fun! Could he become Dr. Yarn!?

Jennie said...

Have a great trip!

ms. crafty said...

Have a wonderful time!

Donna said...

Hey Janis
Lily was probably doing what Toaster does when she should guard the house. Sitting with her eyes closed the the bad guys(squirels) don't see her!!!
See you in Washington.

Stefaneener said...

The racoons were hiding the cucumber plants they ripped from my garden and Lily was doing what Mack does -- napping in preparation to barking at the UPS truck.

Have a great time!

molly said...

Have a wonderful time! And hooray for Mr. Yarn!

Rabbitch said...

You coming this way, m'dear? I can take you for a better hamburger this time if you have time :)