Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sorta back to life

Mona the camel

This is me kissing Mona the camel. Shutup...she was the cutest thing I ever saw. She lives on San Juan island and Gail and Michael took me to see her. Donna took the great picture. I wanted to take this camel home so that Lily could have a friend. No one would let me and Mr Yarn asked who would pick up the poop. Since Mr Yarn isn't that happy of a camper lately I didn't argue but the plan is to kidnap the adromidary (sorry Michael I KNOW it isn't a camel) next time we are on the island. It will be innocent enough.

So things have been busy here. Company for 3 weeks and a busy 4th. Hope everyone had a good 4th.


Anonymous said...

Mona really is the sweetiest thing ever. Good luck stealing her Janis, we might have to share custody!!!!!

Ron said...

I hadn't looked in in a while -- thought your due-back date was July something-two-digits. Other than the obvious, it sounds like a good vacation. If you bring Mona back, I want tome camel time. And I think camel poop would make good fertilizer, them being herbivores and all.

Camel yarn? Maybe you could sell Camel Readings; that sounds New Agey enough... Camel Art? City Patron Camel of Alameda? Maybe the camel could walk a treadmill that turned a spit, for a new take on barbecue.

Or you could name a cigarette after it.