Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to my neurosis

Yeah, things around the "Yarn!" household are still tense. So, how do I cope? I knit 2 complicated things at once and throw in a mystery knitalong for kicks.

I have gotten further on Morrigan but have put it down for the week so I can obsess on other projects. I will go back to good ole Morrigan next week. Here it is up to this point:


What else did I start you ask? Ho ho....I started a tablecloth to pass on when I am old. It is called "The Rose of England" and is in its infancy on the needles. I might have started it over 100 times up to this point but reluctantly put in a life line that in the last two rounds of rip-o-mania has saved me from having the pleasure of starting it all over again. We all know that working with thread on double pointed 0's and only 10 stitches is fun but I rather not do it over and over again.


and last but not least the Mystery Stole Clue 4 (which I have two weeks to do so I am in no big hurry. It is a repetitive pattern.



Stefaneener said...

Yeah, those tablecloths crack me up. I want to know in what universe women had time to toss these off for their luncheon tables -- and the stain-removing capability to actually USE them without suffering a heart attack every time someone set their teacup down.

Kate M said...

I am enjoying watching your Morrigan progress. I have only just begun mine. Not too many people working on it yet.

(Have you seen, by the way?)

Janis said...

Hi Kate,
I asked to be invited to Ravelry but haven't gotten an invitation yet.

Kate G. said...

That Morrigan is a twisted lass, but you've made a lot of progress. I can see why you're stopping to catch your breath. I can wait to see the tablecloth in all its glory. It reminds me of the black and white patterns my Aunt used to work from, or should I say, curse from?

punkrawkpurl said...

miss you!
hope all is well.