Friday, November 16, 2007

Reynolds Whiskey Retro Sweater

Reynolds Whiskey Retro sweater

I have been a knitting fiend. I finished another sweater. That makes two in one month. I have started another one for Mr Yarn! It is the "Avast" mens cardigan. I think it will be the perfect sweater for him.

Looks like we aren't going to Michigan afterall. Who knows where we will think we are moving next. Could be India?


Stefaneener said...

Good food, India. . . Generally not so much use for wool, unless you're going into the highlands.

Hmmmmm. Hang in there. This sweater is yummy. How are the newlyweds?

Kate G. said...

You're right, that IS the perfect sweater for Mr. Yarn.
I think Yarn Boy is an SF lad. Be that as it may, I hope you're keeping the Whisky for yourself. A little handknit warmth is not such a bad thing for the knitter. ;-)

TheAmpuT said...

great sweater, and can't wait to see the Avast (will we even see progress photos or will just be *poof!* it's done..?).

Well, if you need to know where you are going, you can just move here for a bit LOL. Food is good here, too...although I'm better with mediterranean than indian ;-)

Karen said...

Oh yes, come join me in India. It won't SUCK SO MUCH if you're there.

The two latest sweaters are byooteeful!

Laurel said...

Sooooo...has anyone ever actually clocked your speed? I can't believe you've popped out another one. And, of course, it's absolutely beautiful!